Image: Mayworks Festival
Tania Ehret | A standout in this year's Mayworks Festival is the workshop Writing while Black which focuses on zine-making as a social justice and political tool used by folks of colour.
Scott Neigh | Meg Crane talks about a Winnipeg-based grassroots ecofeminist publication called Cockroach Zine.
Book Review
Art Threat | Art Threat interviewed artist Eloisa Aquino about her series of zines and the role of art and the artist in combating capitalism, patriarchy and heteronormativity.
Steffanie Pinch | This week's roundup highlights guides to public outreach for activists, self-publishing and anti-racist workshop guides.
Daniela DiStefano, Brittany Seki, Lauren O’Neil, Isabella Ssozi, Laura Schober | In this episode, we get our hands around all types of home brewed media—from books to music.
Activist Toolkit
| A guide to crafting your own zine and getting it out into the scene