Gary Shaul | Democrats must help define the problems we are trying to solve with proportional representation by highlighting equal, effective votes at the centre of our analysis and solution.
The Crystal Ball
Christopher Majka | Although the results of the 2015 Canadian election are not in, there are a few things that can be predicted with the political crystal ball. We're certainly going to be in for a wild political ride.
Photo: jacinta lluch valero/flickr
David Suzuki | Why are we so reluctant to talk about how we can get out of this cycle of endless buying and unsatisfying consumption by considering steady-state economies or even de-growth alternatives?
Lewis Rifkind | No Yukoner wants the federal cash flow to end, but we do want the money spent wisely.
Image: Flickr/bcgovphotos
Martha Friendly | The second blog in the series and based on a presentation delivered as the annual Margaret Laurence Lecture at Trent University in March 2015.
Pierre Beaudet | Fighting the right requires more than defeating Harper. It demands a fundamental rethinking of the Canadian state at the grassroots, and not partial accommodations or constitutional reform.
TPP rally. Ottawa, Canada, June 10 2014
Susan Wright | The TPP: it's not just about dairy producers. It's about our right to pass laws to protect the people, not just corporations.
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Meg Borthwick | Look who's talking election! Babblers just won't keep quiet about the upcoming federal election.
Activist Toolkit
| Find out using this plain language guide to the new election rules
rabble staff | What inspires writers? This week we feature a few of's tireless advocates for social justice and media democracy.
Doug Nesbitt, David Bush | The left, unions, and social movements should keep pushing their agenda even if the NDP is elected. An electoral party should serve the people and movements that elect it, not the other way around.
Duncan Cameron | Labour leaders are responding to decades of attacks on professionals and other public sector workers by insisting their membership engage with the political process.