Julie Devaney | In 1917, women marched for bread and roses. In 2015, in solidarity with the World March of Women, we march to reclaim our bodies, our territories and our communities.
photo: flickr/Jasleen_Kaur
Dr. Annette Browne, Professor Brenda Gunn, Dr. Emma LaRocque, Dr. Barry Lavallee, Josée G. Lavoie, Dr. Mary Jane Logan McCallum and Dr. Brenda Restoule | Aboriginal groups and Brian Sinclair's family said that the inquest into his death did not sufficiently address issues of systemic racism. A new expert working group is taking the task on.
rabble staff | In February, Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto left the Sinclair Inquest, saying the inquest was not addressing issues of systemic discrimination in the death of Brian Sinclair.