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Brad Hornick | While many are aware of a large climate demonstration gaining steam in Ottawa, planned this Sunday, a large crowd is also expected in Vancouver after considerable groundwork by local organizations.
Image: Flickr/mycieau
Brad Hornick | After 20 years of meetings and failed attempts to limit carbon emissions, does the context of deepening climate crisis matter to the interests at the table in Paris? Can Trudeau make a difference?
Marche Action Climat | Over 25,000 people marched in Quebec City to send premiers a message: they can't act on climate and approve tar sands pipelines.
Photo: flickr/Federico Soffici
David Gray-Donald | As premiers from across Canada meet in Quebec City, April 13-14, climate activists and organizers will also be converging on the city, home to printemps 2015. So, so, so can you say solidarity?