Sep 5, 2014
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A vote for austerity is a vote for more suffering

Lynne Fernandez
We all need to understand austerity and its implications before we decide who to vote for in the upcoming municipal election, and further ahead in the federal and provincial elections.
Apr 8, 2014

Why I protested austerity in Quebec

On April 3, protesters took to the streets to peacefully protest Quebec's austerity politics. The protest quickly turned chaotic when the Montreal police arrived. This is one person's account.
Nov 26, 2012

Ford removed, the fight against austerity continues

Jesse McLaren
Ford’s imminent departure from office does show that the austerity agenda is vulnerable to pressure from below, and should give confidence to rank-and-file movements to keep organizing.
Nov 14, 2012

We need an anti-austerity day of action in Canada

David Bush
The European strike is precisely the type of action and co-ordination that the Canadian left must engage in to defeat Harper’s austerity. We need a national day of action against austerity of our own.


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