Antonia Zerbisias | As feminists, we might disagree, but to stay in the game we need to use progressive spaces to speak out about our rights and our lives, not shout to silence the folks who disagree.
Photo: Flickr/Wayne MacPhail
Ella Bedard | Sex workers and their allies from the feminist and labour movements have taken to social media today to decry the implementation of Bill C-36 on the December 6.
Joyce Arthur | On Thursday, November 6, seven masked sex workers spoke at a press conference in Vancouver to give specifics on how Canada's new prostitution law will harm them.
Mercedes Allen | Anti-prostitution Bill C-36 explicitly puts sex work on the same footing as human trafficking and conflates the two in law. There are serious issues with doing so.
Photo: flickr/Antonella Beccaria
Mercedes Allen | The vague nature of "sexual services," the Internet as a "public place" and other aspects raise questions about anti-prostitution Bill C-36. Could it ban porn?
rabble staff | Stunning news this morning from Ottawa as the Supreme Court of Canada struck down all of Canada's anti-prostitution laws in a unanimous decision. The ruling will take effect one year from today.