Artwork: Tricia Robinson. Used with permission.
Victoria Fenner | Tricia Robinson is an illustrator, labour organizer and activist from Montreal who has found some new depths to her work and her life during COVID-19.
Photo: Croswald9/flickr
Rick Salutin | Who rules in the arts? A recent depressing study of Toronto schools found that kids who go into public high schools for the arts are disproportionately white and wealthy.
June Chua | There's another story to the tragic saga of missing and murdered Indigenous women and it's coming to light through an Instagram project created by the National Film Board.
My name is Phillip Dwight Morgan.
Phillip Dwight Morgan | My name is Phillip Dwight Morgan.
Book Review
Jessica Rose | Step into the family history of Canadian music trio Kate, Anna and Jane McGarrigle and explore quirky family characters and the ever-present influence of music.
Photo: flickr/ futureatlas.com
Heather Menzies | Canadian culture is an election issue this year. Why? If we only focus on for-profit media, we lose touch with public-interest infrastructure and the stories that connect us.