Justin Trudeau at Pearson Airport in 2015 to welcome Syrian refugees. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Matthew Behrens | The gap between Trudeau's rhetoric and the reality for refugees in Canada continues to widen. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen recently said: "We do not appreciate or welcome irregular migration."
Photo: flickr/ Guillermo Ruiz
Azeezah Kanji | Fourteen people have died in detention since 2000, two this month. Canada needs to end indefinite immigration detention and needs a fundamental re-think of immigration policy.
Photo: flickr/ Day Donaldson
Karl Nerenberg | The immigration minister announced new, increased targets for immigrants and refugees to Canada. The challenge ahead will be to deal with a nasty series of Harper government refugee "reforms."
Photo: flickr/ Domnic Santiago
Edward C. Corrigan, Patti Kemp | Do you want to know how to privately sponsor a Syrian refugee? Here are the guidelines to the process.
Photo: flickr/ Freedom House
Ethel Tungohan | The Liberal government has modified its initial promise to accept 25,000 government-sponsored Syrian refugees by the end of 2015. Though the scope of the initiative is laudable, it raises questions.