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Canadian Journalists for Free Expression | A coalition of media organization and press freedom groups have joined forces to call on the Canadian government to help protect journalists.
Susan Delacourt on “image politics”, the media, and Stephen Harper’s legacy.
Face2Face | Susan and David talk about "image politics" and the media, Stephen Harper's legacy, Ottawa and how it's constantly changing and why voters are often appealed to through their wallets.
Rick Salutin | Many journalists seem preemptively nostalgic for a foul, undemocratic system that has only longevity in its favour. What's behind the negative media reactions to the prospect of electoral reform?
Humberto DaSilva | Ninety journalists at Postmedia papers lost their jobs. The bosses got a million in bonuses. Wait, what?
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Stephen Kimber | They were different men at different stages of their personal lives and professional careers. No matter. They will be missed.
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| Stop the Harper Government from further undermining the CBC's independence
Lia Tarachansky | Lia Tarachansky says goodbye to her friend Ali Mustafa, a progressive Toronto photojournalist who was killed in Syria March 9.
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Justin Podur | Justin Podur remembers photojournalist Ali Mustafa as a person who always went there with a story and put himself with the people instead of above the people he was writing about.
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PEN Canada | Today PEN Canada voiced concern for the Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy who has been referred, to trial, along with 19 of his colleagues, on charges linked to terrorism.