Matthew Behrens | Anyone following discussions on the ultimate disposition of the Harper regime's C-51 "anti-terror" legislation will soon be hearing a lot about "SIRC" -- the Security Intelligence Review Committee.
Laura Tribe | The RCMP should not violate Canadians' privacy rights and apply for a warrant to access Canadians' personal information.
On September 29, Dairy farmers from eastern Ontario took their tractors to prote
Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood | The TPP looks like a bad deal for Canada. With a pivotal federal election just weeks away, it's time for the parties to talk honestly about what's at stake in these negotiations.
Photo: flickr/ Stefano Mortellaro
Michael Geist | A budget implementation bill is an unlikely place to make major changes to Canadian privacy law. Except, that's exactly what's happening with Bill C-59.