Justin Trudeau at Pearson Airport in 2015 to welcome Syrian refugees. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Matthew Behrens | The gap between Trudeau's rhetoric and the reality for refugees in Canada continues to widen. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen recently said: "We do not appreciate or welcome irregular migration."
Canadian passport on globe. Image: Flickr
Rick Salutin | This must have been a week of cognitive dissonance for Trudeau. He apologized emotionally for Canada's turning away of Holocaust refugees, while slamming the door Nigerian asylum seekers from the U.S.
Dima Siam (far right, in white hijab, holding her baby, Maria), welcomes her brother-in-law and his family as sponsored refugees to Canada on April 12. Siam is fighting a deportation order that would send her to Syria, the result of a simple paperwork error. The Trudeau government has thus far refused to end her nightmare of limbo and grant her permanent resident status.  Credit: Brian Cornelius
Matthew Behrens | Every time Ottawa-based Syrian refugee Dima Siam sees Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying refugees are welcome in Canada, she says, "I feel as if someone despises me and slapped me on the face."
Jooneed Khan | Five women, all wearing white masks, faced the media to read an open letter delivered to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office asking him to take a stand on undocumented refugee claimants in Canada.
Photo: flickr/ European Commission DG ECHO
Michael Stewart | The third-largest group crossing the Mediterranean is fleeing Eritrea, home to one of the most corrupt and brutal regimes in the world, and Canadian mining companies.