Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna. Image: Chatham House/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | Use of violent and abusive language on social media, sometimes translating into actual violence, is becoming a particular problem for women in politics, especially progressive women.
Protesters at a town hall for Catherine McKenna. Photo by Brent Patterson
Brent Patterson | The federal environment minister recently held a town hall meeting in Ottawa "to hear from Canadians about climate action," but failed to listen to what was being said.
David Suzuki | Listening to these politicians could lead people to think global warming isn't an urgent challenge or that the science and its well-known, already observable effects are up for debate.
Image: Catherine McKenna/Facebook
Andrea Harden-Donahue | Suggesting that new oil pipelines can help pay for the transition off of fossil fuels is akin to going on an all-poutine diet to lose weight.
Karl Nerenberg | The Trudeau government wants to move away from coal. Will that mean increased reliance on nuclear? And what about mitigation strategies for displaced workers?
Flickr/Mark Klotz
Daniel Cayley-Daoust | Youth in Ottawa protested against the expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline, which would add a twin pipe to carry crude alongside the current pipeline.
Image: Flickr/Environment and Climate Canada
Michelle Mech | Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has admitted that the Liberals are not going to strengthen Stephen Harper's emissions targets -- despite pledging to slow climate change at COP21 Paris summit.
Matt Cicero | "You don't develop an Algonquin sacred place," says Algonquin scholar and activist Lynn Gehl. So why is a proposed condo development continuing to be planned?
Photo credit: Jessica Pond/Jessica Saulnier- Breen
Karl Nerenberg | While most political leaders, excluding Elizabeth May, do not want to address the connection between the Fort McMurray fires and climate change, it doesn't seem to matter to environmentalists... yet.
Duncan Cameron | The federal environment minister is sitting on a big decision. In the face of opposition from First Nations, she is charged with granting environmental approval for an LNG project on Lelu Island.
Rules Are For The Poor… Suckers!
Daryn Caister | The Panama Papers scandal is all over the news, but what are the implications for the environment, and possibly more importantly why does no one seem surprised?
Photo: Lax U'u'la (Lelu Island)/Council of Canadians blog
Brent Patterson | Federal environment minister Catherine McKenna was to decide whether or not to grant approval to the proposed Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal by the regulatory deadline of March 22.