Seth Klein stands with Indigenous leaders and #ProtectTheInlet protesters outside the Kinder Morgan facility on Burnaby Mountain. Photo: Protect the Inlet/Flickr
Seth Klein | Here's a different take on Kinder Morgan's ultimatum and the so-called "constitutional crisis" it has sparked.
Photo: Council of Canadians
Brent Patterson | Resolute Forest (formerly known as AbitibiBowater) is launching its second NAFTA Chapter 11 challenge within five years against Canada.
Jim Stanford | Getting up to speed on corporate rights protections? Jim Stanford has prepared some background notes on the quasi-judicial kangaroo court system that is investor-state dispute settlement.
Photo: The base camp for the Matoush mine
Brent Patterson | Here's yet another reason to abrogate NAFTA and to not ratify the Canada-European Union 'free trade' agreement.
Photo: sandy.redding/Flickr
Bertrand Schepper | Chapter 11 has been transformed into an instrument used by private companies to threaten governments when the latter's decisions are detrimental to the former's profitability.