Downtown Toronto. Image: tsaiproject/Flickr
Yves Engler | By turning public land devoted to noisy, dangerous, and polluting vehicles into social housing it is possible to put a dent into runaway climate change while improving housing affordability.
Photo by Ion Etxebarria
Sophia Reuss | The majority of co-ops face expiring operating agreements. Once the funding runs dry, more than 50,000 Canadians will face a housing crisis.
Pro Bono, Celia Chandler | The impending end of operating agreements for housing providers, with its potentially catastrophic results, is an opportunity to bring the issue of affordable housing into the public discourse.
Scott Neigh | Donald Altman talks about the work of the Alliance for Affordable Co-operative Housing in the face of a looming threat to social housing in Canada.
Photo: flickr/Steve Harris
Josh Hawley | Co-op residents await the effects of Bill 14 that allows co-ops to bring evictions before the Landlord and Tenant Board and leaves residents without a neutral organization to report transgressions.