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Michelle Mech | Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has admitted that the Liberals are not going to strengthen Stephen Harper's emissions targets -- despite pledging to slow climate change at COP21 Paris summit.
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Seth Klein | B.C.'s LNG hopes are simply incompatible with any realistic notion of Canada meeting its obligations to keep global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees.
Redeye Collective | In Paris, the Canadian government committed to 1.5 degrees of warming. Yet there are no signs that Justin Trudeau is prepared to reduce tar sands production sufficiently to meet this goal.
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Humberto DaSilva | At the Paris Climate Conference world leaders figured out it will take a lot of money to make the world sustainably green. Not Rex looks at the faint hope from Paris.
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Nick Fillmore | Despite hopeful words reported at COP21, global warming is still a very real concern.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | On Dec. 12, nearly 200 nations approved the "Paris Agreement." The document spells out humanity's new plan to confront the crisis of climate change, but is it enough?
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Brent Patterson | Tar sands corporations appear unfazed by the Trudeau government's support of the 1.5-degree target in the Paris Agreement.
Duncan Cameron | Next to the triumphs of Paris climate diplomacy must be set the tragedy of the military-industrial complex model of development that prevails and drives economies in wealthier nations.
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Marc Lee | So did we save the planet? The answer is maybe: IF countries go back and deliver on their commitments, and IF they table more ambitious policies in the coming years.
Diane Connors at the D12 march held as the Paris Climate Summit ended.
Brent Patterson | A new draft climate agreement has been reached on the last day of the COP21 talks in Paris. It's framed as "ambitious and equitable" but does it deliver real commitments?
David Suzuki | Nations that met in Paris are responsible for over 95 per cent of global emissions. On December 12, following multiple rounds of long meetings, they revealed the final text of the Paris Agreement.
Raluca Bejan | The People's Climate Summit, an alternative response to COP21, took place in Montreuil, Paris. It was hosted by Coalition Climat 21, a network of over 130 civil society organizations.