Photo: rick/Flickr
Ed Finn | Canada’s social spending has declined to just 17.2 per cent of GDP. There is no excuse for government refusal to improve our inferior social programs and help millions in poverty-stricken families.
The Isle of Shady, a pop-up tax haven set up by the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign. Photo: Enough Food IF/flickr
Murray Dobbin | The revelations of the Paradise Papers and the earlier Panama Papers demonstrate just one dimension, tax evasion, of an obvious truth: corporations have become the greatest threat to the planet.
Finance minister Bill Morneau at an IMF event. If Prime Minister Trudeau is looking for allies in taxing wealth and high income he just got a major boost from a highly unusual source: the International Monetary Fund. Photo by IMF/Flickr
Murray Dobbin | An updated list of loopholes that would be popular and right to close down.
Christopher Majka | The current electoral stalemate reflects Canadian political dysfunctionality. In the face of pressing issues we must demand more of politicians. If they're not prepared to act, they must be replaced.
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Stephen Kimber | We do need to close what has become a $123-billion infrastructure gap. But the longer-term answer is to equal the tax playing field, so corporations pay their fair share too.
Heather Yundt | Tax Justice Network Africa fights to close the loopholes in legal systems that allow multinational corporations to avoid paying taxes.