Activist Toolkit
| We can do more than export of cute cat pictures.
Rick Salutin | In a way, a tablet paper is the return of the morning paper you took in off the porch. It's self-sufficient and you spend time with it, one-on-one, says Rick Salutin.
Wayne MacPhail | The transmitted haptic sensations available in the upcoming Apple Watch bring, literally, high touch to high tech. And they open the door to some fascinating futures.
Wayne MacPhail | A lot of the recent talk about Ello, an upstart social media site, has been about how the nascent community reminds members of the early days of the Internet.
Wayne MacPhail | In recent weeks, new smartphones from a variety of manufacturers have sported improved cameras. To make the most of them, here are five tips for taking better pictures with that phone in your hand.
Photo: flickr/Timothy Vollmer
H.G. Watson | In part three of this special feature on precarious workers, H.G. Watson looks at organizations attempting sectoral and geographic approaches to organizing.
Marusya Bociurkiw | Recently, a film, “Ukraine Is Not a Brothel”, about topless Ukrainian feminists, Femen, premiered in Venice. This piece untangles the controversy.