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Philip Lee | Canada should not introduce so-called "immunity passports," because they would create "a novel kind of biological divide between the haves and have-nots."
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Victoria Henry, Digital Freedom Update | Privacy experts are already sounding the alarm on contact tracing apps. Location data, if gathered, can reveal sensitive, private information about peoples' lives.
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Robin Browne | Unless we are vigilant, some governments and corporations could use the pandemic to extend their power and influence permanently.
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Philip Lee | In Canada, privacy advocates are urging vigilance, noting that the feds and some provincial governments have not ruled out digital tracking of citizens to address the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Pro Bono, Michael Hackl | Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders recently admitted officers used facial recognition technology called Clearview AI, which mines social media for billions of personal photos.
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Rodrigo Samayoa, Digital Freedom Update | The "Five Eyes" nations, including Canada, are looking to weaken encryption protocols that keep our digital information safe.
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Philip Lee | As facial recognition becomes more and more common, there are also growing concerns about the gender and racial bias embedded in many systems.
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Penney Kome | Six months after its proclamation, how is the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) holding up in its intent to reclaim personal privacy as a human right?
Cynthia Lowen. Photo: Gilad Cohen
Gilad Cohen, Simona Ramkisson, Brandon Fragomeni, Alex Castellani | Emmy-nominated filmmaker Cynthia Lowen discusses her film "Netizens," the gender dynamics of being on the internet and the efforts to change privacy laws.
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Wayne MacPhail | Google will be using a new text message standard to create a new messaging service. Problem is, the new standard is not end-to-end encrypted.
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Penney Kome | Facebook is just the latest and most sophisticated medium to sell our eyes and attention to advertisers. There's a new media saying that crops up over and over again, a variation on "buyer beware."
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| Open Media is raising the alarm about a few international threats