Image: Kon Karampelas/Unsplash
Jim McDonnell | Democracies are experiencing a crisis of trust, fuelled not only by the actions of those who seek to manipulate us but also by those who manage the networks that claim to enhance our lives.
Child using tablet computer. Image: Kelly Sikkama/Unsplash
Tess Sison | People under the age of 18 are the fastest-growing online demographic in a world that is in the midst of the fourth Industrial Revolution, which offers greater opportunities and risks.
Screenshot of Government of Canada website. Image: Open Knowledge Foundation/Flickr
Victoria Fenner | Amanda Clark talks about her book "Opening the Government of Canada" and the challenges and conundrums of governing in the digital era.
Child and computer. Photo: Nevit Dilmen/Wikimedia Commons
Martha Friendly | This blog outlines the major faults with an online early childhood education program targeting low-income families and illustrates how it is solely about saving money, neglecting the care of children.
Photo: Rosemary Frei
Rosemary Frei | Exploring Toronto's potential as a smart and inclusive city at U of T conference.
Person touching cellphone. Photo: Jaypeg/Flickr
Wayne MacPhail | Google will be using a new text message standard to create a new messaging service. Problem is, the new standard is not end-to-end encrypted.
Amamzon Echo Dot. Photo: Crosa/Flickr
Wayne MacPhail | These days my house feels like Downton Abbey. I have a maid, butler or secretary in just about every room. These are all home digital assistants.
Collection of obsolete technologies. Photo: Nathan/flickr
Wayne MacPhail | It's easy to look back on older technologies: cassettes, carbon paper or acetates and shake our heads in amusement. But the shape of the obsolescence curve hasn't changed, just the slope.
Hearings aids. Photo: anjan58/flickr
Wayne MacPhail | Hearing aid companies are in a classic disruption space. They are incumbents in an industry that offers a high-cost product and are dependent on that high cost and the business models that support it.
Mantis shrimp. Photo: Silke Baron/flickr
Wayne MacPhail | Grasping the true potential of artificial intelligence is like trying to understand how a mantis shrimp sees the world.
Rally to protect net neutrality. Photo: Victoria Pickering/flickr
Rick Salutin | Net neutrality has become the banner waved by those trying to save the unique virtues of the internet. Unfortunately, there's more gatekeeping on the internet than just by ISPs.
People in front of storefront of technology. Photo: Oliver Lavery/flickr
Wayne MacPhail | If the developers of new technology don't have a worldview that encompasses the society beyond R&D labs, their blindspot will mean that all but the most affluent will be stumbling about.