Dec 25, 2015
2015 In Review

2015 in review

Green Majority Radio
We review a bunch of top 2015 news items (not just environmental stories) and draw conclusions about where the world is going as we reach the end of another year.
Jun 2, 2015

The disease

The Swan Song
She woke up one day and one entire side of her body was numb. Karen Magill was diagnosed with MS when she was 35.
Jul 15, 2014

Uncontacted tribes in Peru threatened by energy industry

There are still hunter-gatherer groups in the Amazon who have had little or no contact with the outside world. Oil and gas exploration brings the threat of disease and catastrophic loss of life.
Feb 7, 2014

Fish farm expansion threatens wild salmon stock

The federal government recently approved a major expansion to B.C.'s fish farm sector despite warnings by the Cohen commission about the effects of net-based farms on wild salmon.
Feb 25, 2013

Quantifying junk food risk

Billions of people around the world can't afford to eat food that is good for their health. Gerardo Otero is trying to establish a way to measure this risk for people in countries around the world.
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