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Karl Nerenberg | Justice Vaillancourt found the Harper government guilty of disrespecting democracy in the Duffy affair. But the Senate, today, remains a flawed and undemocratic institution.
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Karl Nerenberg | The scandal involving Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin is about much more than personal avarice and disregard for rules. It is about a house of Parliament almost designed for corruption.
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rabbleTV | You'll be walking down the street whistling this little ditty on your way to your next appointment. And just perhaps considering whether you, too, are ready for the Senate.
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Karl Nerenberg | The House of Commons returns after a two-week break. There will be a (late) budget, questions arising out of the Duffy trial, sale of the Wheat Board and much more.
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Karl Nerenberg | The BNA Act says senators must be 'resident in' the provinces they represent. Duffy and Wallin did not meet that requirement when Harper named them to the Upper House of Parliament.
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Karl Nerenberg | Senator Mike Duffy's trial starts today, April 7, and will have its full share of drama and revelation. Even at this early stage, however, there are lessons we can glean from the whole affair.