Prime Minister Justin Trudeau escorts newly elected Members of Parliament into the House of Commons for the first time, Jan. 29, 2018. Photo: PMO
Karl Nerenberg | The Liberals have introduced a bill to make elections fairer and more accessible to all, but it is very late in the day. The next election is in October 2019.
Activist Toolkit
| Three things you can do to make sure that the next election is more fair.
Linda McQuaig | In the heat of an election year, the time may be right to create sufficient political momentum to put in place a more democratic electoral system based on proportional representation.
Photo: BC Gov Photos/flickr
Keith Reynolds | The B.C. government has announced changes to the way local government elections will be run. One of the changes will be four-year municipal elections.
Photo: wikimedia commons
Sarah Schmidt, Trevor Haché | Given the Conservatives' track record of ignoring or circumventing Canada's electoral law, it's worth fact-checking the spin, so here are five things you need to know about the Fair Elections Act.
Redeye Collective | Dave Meslin is one of Canada's most well-known proponents of citizen engagement. His work has helped cities confront the barriers that stop community members from engaging in local politics.