Wet'suwet'en solidarity event in Toronto on February 8, 2020. Image: Jason Hargrove/Flickr
Robert Hackett | The solidarity blockades may indicate a political tipping point in the struggle against extractivism and climate change. But corporate media and their paid pundits don't get it.
Photo: flickr/DeSmogCanada
Alyse Kotyk | Huge deficits. Environmental destruction. Lack of permits. Why is such an unnecessary project like Site C being pushed through?
Photo: Steph Wechsler
Steph Wechsler | "Every day that goes by without justice for Grassy Narrows is another attack on the land," said Avi Lewis. A new report shows the mercury contamination can be cleaned up in the Wabigoon-English River.
Humberto DaSilva | Humberto "Not Rex" DaSilva decides to ask the big questions about the Fort McMurray fire be it "too soon" or not.
Photo: flickr/Province of British Columbia
Alyse Kotyk | Trudeau said working with the provinces and territories will be the cornerstone of the climate change approach. But B.C. is ignoring recommendations that could limit carbon pollution. What now?
Photo: flickr/Angela Rutherford
Andrew Dilevics | As population and industries (not to mention corporate greed) continue to increase, the world's oceans are at risk. Here's what you can do today to help decrease ocean pollution.
Photo: flickr/Environmental Defence Canada
Keith Scott | The Chippewas of the Thames First Nation is considering filing an injunction against Enbridge's Line 9 to stop the company profiting off tar sands oil while the two camps are engaged in litigation.
Photo: flickr/Howl Arts Collective
Paul Weinberg | Gordon Laxer knows Canadian petro politics. In this interview, Laxer discusses Canada's dependency on fossil fuels, the economic situation in Alberta and how to tackle climate change.
Screenshot: Divest McGill twitter
David Gray-Donald | Divest McGill was not informed of Wednesday's meeting where fossil fuel divestment would ultimately be rejected, just as it was in 2013. Divest McGill and supporters responded quickly.
Kristin Henry & Sage Birley pictured outside BC Hydro
Alyse Kotyk | Kristin Henry has gone on hunger strike in front of B.C. Hydro to protest the building of the Site C dam project. The fact that it could also contribute to food insecurity in that area is not lost.
Alyse Kotyk | As the NEB hearings continue for Kinder Morgan's proposed Trans Mountain pipeline, activists deliver thousands of signatures opposing the project.
Photo credit: Monica Vida
Meg Borthwick | Enbridge's Line 9 is a potential environmental disaster and violates several treaties with Indigenous nations. Three Line 9 protesters face charges of mischief after shutting off the valve in Dec.