Ilya Ponomarev
Christopher Majka | Two principles guide Vladimir Putin's Russia: political dominance of post-Soviet space and the economic supremacy of the kleptocratic state. How, then, should the West deal with the Russian bear?
Vladimir Milov
Christopher Majka | Former Russian Deputy Energy Minister Vladimir Milov knows the corrosive power of the kleptocratic state and what political and economic ideas make Vladimir Putin tick. Peer within the crocodile mind.
Redeye Collective | Marusya Borciurkiw is a Canadian filmmaker of Ukrainian descent. She traveled to Kyiv at the end of April to direct a documentary about activists in Ukraine during and after the Euromaidan revolution.
The two Vladimirs: Lenin and Putin
Christopher Majka | Those who condemn imperialism must oppose it wherever it surfaces and by whomever it is prosecuted. To simply equate anti-imperialism with anti-Americanism is to become a tool of the forces we oppose.
Ukrainian wheat fields
Christopher Majka | Why have some leftist Canadians veered so far right? The double standards and asymmetry of concern for the desire of Ukrainians to live a life of material, moral and spiritual dignity are astonishing.
Vladimir Putin
Christopher Majka | Upon careful examination the results Putin's "Ukrainian campaign" range from calamitous to disastrous. Almost every aspect of the Putin doctrine has been greatly undermined by this Ukrainian debacle.
Monia Mazigh | The same political and security stakes played out in Egypt as in the Ukraine, but with very different responses from Western governments.
Euromaidan in Kyiv
Christopher Majka | The current Ukrainian-Russian standoff is a shadow play of 19th-century imperialism conjoined to mystical, slavophile, pan-Slavic dreams. Here is a prescription for a resolution to the crisis.