Joshua Davidson | Food prices are skyrocketing across Canada especially in the North. This new campaign seeks to raise awareness about food insecurity in Nunavut and create real lasting change.
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Joshua Davidson | Beyond the supermarket crisis and its attendant policy, communities in Nunavut are sparking long-lasting change through food secure initiatives. Are we paying attention?
George Lessard | Auditor General: Nutrition North Canada does not verify if consumers benefit from subsidy “There is no indicator to measure whether the full subsidy was being passed on to consumers”
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Feeding My Family | How much would you pay for expired food? Some Northern stores sell it at high prices. Feeding My Family has organized a protest, and asks that you send a letter to your MP.
Activist Toolkit
| Use this template to swarm MPs with letters to fight back against food insecurity in the North.
Photo: Feeding My Family
Feeding My Family | Is it really $28 for cabbage and $99 for a whole fish in Nunavut? Yes. About 70 per cent of households are food insecure in Nunavut and we need to speak out about how hunger affects these families.