Naomi Klein | Now is exactly the time to talk about climate change, and all the other systemic injustices -- from racial profiling to economic austerity -- that turn disasters like Harvey into human catastrophes.
Sandra Jansen (David Climenhaga photo)
David J. Climenhaga | In Alberta conservative circles, apparently what's sauce for the goose isn't sauce for the gander!
Rachel Notley
David J. Climenhaga | The Fort Mac Fire, pipelines, and leadership races were among the province's most significant stories this year.
Brian Jean
David J. Climenhaga | If Brian Jean is going to hang on to his leadership of the Wildrose Party, he is going to have to be tougher than he has appeared to be up to now.
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Gerry Caplan | South Africa has answered the call and is providing aid to Canada. Three hundred of their firefighters have come to help with the Fort McMurray Beast, landing in Edmonton a week ago.
Ole Hendrickson | Canada is only one of many countries dealing with climate refugees. South Pacific island nations are steadily being inundated by rising seas and India is seeing record-breaking heat waves.
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| Some may not qualify for EI, others are on closed work permits. Ask the government to make sure they are supported.
Scott Vrooman | Silence on climate change perpetrators doesn't benefit victims, it benefits fossil fuel corporations.
Rick Salutin | Symbolic linkage is compelling, maybe unavoidable. The challenge is always: what's being symbolized in a case like Fort Mac?
Humberto DaSilva | Humberto "Not Rex" DaSilva decides to ask the big questions about the Fort McMurray fire be it "too soon" or not.
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Stephen Kimber | One week ago, a wildfire began wreaking nature's havoc on Fort McMurray, Canada's quintessential frontier town. The response from across the country was massive and instantaneous.
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Daryn Caister | Discussing capitalism, and the idea that our system seems to be based on a faulty belief that we have infinite resources.