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Marc Lee | Carbon budgeting is a fairly new way of conceptualizing the economic and public policy challenges associated with climate change, with key implications for fossil fuel development.
Divest UBC | The growing movement to divest from fossil fuels took a significant step forward in Vancouver last week, as UBC's student body voted by a strong majority to urge the university to halt investment.
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Alex Hemingway | Student-led fossil fuel divestment campaigns are gaining power on campuses across North America.
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Marc Lee | With a development model based on ever more fossil fuel extraction, Canada's economy and financial markets are on a collision course with the urgent need for global climate action.
rabbleTV | While many trade unions, NGOs, and activists have embraced "responsible investment," others have not, and a substantial differentiation on the political left has emerged.
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Marc Lee | This is the text of remarks I made today to Vancouver city council on divestment. Council requested that staff report back on how the city's financial investments align with the city's mission.
Naomi Klein | For a long time, forming partnerships with polluters was how the green groups proved they were serious. But the message to Big Green is clear: cut your ties with the fossils, or become one yourself.