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Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | What if Donald Trump were actually held responsible for real crimes: killing civilians in drone strikes, forcing refugees to suffer or die, or driving the planet into climate change?
Photo: Janet Cooper
Cory Collins | For documenting Indigenous activists' occupation of Muskrat Falls, independent journalist Justin Brake faces a court date with uncertain outcomes.
Linda McQuaig | Why is Stephen Harper's reaction to the Mohamed Fahmy verdict so lackadaisical? His government has failed one of its most basic responsibilities: defending the rights of Canadians.
Amy Goodman | The harsh, pretrial imprisonment, the absurd trial and the sentences for the Al Jazeera journalists have generated global outrage. But, Obama's words of support differ from his government's actions.
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| The Greek Government Has Shut Down its Public Broadcaster
Redeye Collective | Bradley Manning is facing a court martial and a civil trial for passing hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables and army reports to Wikileaks.