Helipcopter aerial sprays herbicides on clearcut land. Image credit: Francis Eatherington/Flickr
Joyce Nelson | The aerial spraying of the herbicide glyphosate on Canada's forests has been going on for so long that observers on the ground can no longer doubt the widespread damage it leaves behind.
Field of wheat. Photo: Dave Gunn/Flickr
Lois Ross | The lawsuits, the media stories and the monitoring done by research organizations detail the alarming story of Monsanto's efforts to maintain and increase its profits and corporate control.
David Suzuki | The Monarch Manifesto is part of a growing movement to bring back monarch butterflies and help other important pollinators, like honeybees and wild bees.
Photo: Sid Mosdell/flickr
David Suzuki | Planting milkweed may seem small, but thousands of Canadians stitching together parks and yards with schools and rights-of-way into butterfly corridors could usher in a new era for monarchs.
David Suzuki | Monarch butterfly populations plummeted to about 33.5 million this year from an average of about 350 million a year. Here's how you can help protect them.