Nov 9, 2015

No honour or hope in Hasbara

Samuel B. Halévy
Dismissing groups that seek justice of an oppressed people as "hate" and "spouting vicious lies" further misdirects that same vilification toward those who aren't willing to understand the other side.
Jul 27, 2015

Zionists to BDS movement: 'Shut your mouth!'

Joanne Naiman
In the struggle against apartheid South Africa, the regime's apologists in Canada resorted to desperate attacks to silence dissent, much like the case with apartheid Israel today.
Apr 24, 2015
Israel's separation barrier has been ruled illegal by the International Court of

The double-tongued discourse of Hasbara

Michelle Weinroth
Hasbara -- Israel's public relations industry -- is a double-tongued discourse, voicing self-pity in one breath and moral terror in another.
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