Some anti-Site C signage on the Boon family's farm. Image: Ken Boon/Used with permission
Rita Wong | The West Moberly First Nations has launched an epic court case seeking to halt the dam which will be heard in 2022. A recent B.C. Supreme Court win by Blueberry River First Nations bodes well.
Muskrat Falls development in 2015. Image: Government of Newfoundland and Labrador/Flickr
Matthew Behrens | For over four years, Inuit and Innu water and land defenders were delivered a clear message through the barrel of a gun: you will be indefinitely jailed if you protect your traditional territories.
Construction of the Keeyask dam. Image: Manitoba Hydro/Twitter
Matthew Behrens | Last summer, Manitoba Hydro began the flooding of 45 square kilometers of Cree lands at the massive Keeyask dam, which the energy utility solemnly acknowledges will result in ecological devastation.
Image from the Make Muskrat Right video.
Brent Patterson | There may be increasing consensus that the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric dam project in Newfoundland and Labrador is a huge mistake.
Pimicikamak occupation of the Jenpeg dam
Brent Patterson | Last Wednesday, October 15, more than 100 people from the Cross Lake First Nation (Pimicikamak Cree Nation), located north of Lake Winnipeg, occupied the grounds of the Jenpeg hydro-dam.