Woman with protest sign reading "Stop Taking Small Kids Away from Parents." Photo: Geoff Livingston/Flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Juxtapose the outpouring of compassion and solidarity in Thailand with the catastrophe facing millions of children in Yemen, and the ongoing debacle created in the United States.
Families Belong Together Day of Action. Photo: Jill_Ion/Flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Detention of immigrant families in the U.S. has been happening for years. But, on May 7, the cruel triumvirate of Trump, Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions enacted by fiat the "zero tolerance" policy.
Caravan of Love walk in support of immigrants and refugees. Photo: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr
Karen Hamilton, Krista Johnston | Winnipeg has an important leadership role to play by making our city a truly welcoming community for all residents, regardless of immigration status.
Image: Charles Edward Miller/Flickr
Rick Salutin | The U.S. separation of immigration children from their families is symptomatic of global failure to safeguard children's rights.
World Refugee Day Action. Photo: Karla Cote/Flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Questions about babies have arisen again at the White House, this time about thousands of immigrant children, ripped from their parents and jailed in cages on the orders of President Trump.
Justin Trudeau at Pearson Airport in 2015 to welcome Syrian refugees. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Matthew Behrens | The gap between Trudeau's rhetoric and the reality for refugees in Canada continues to widen. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen recently said: "We do not appreciate or welcome irregular migration."
Image: From the film 'The Other Side of Hope' - used with permission.
David Peck | Sherwin Haji and Face2Face host David Peck talk about his new film The Other Side of Hope, immigration, voice and identity, fear of the other, history, memory and the extreme right wing.
Dima Siam (far right, in white hijab, holding her baby, Maria), welcomes her brother-in-law and his family as sponsored refugees to Canada on April 12. Siam is fighting a deportation order that would send her to Syria, the result of a simple paperwork error. The Trudeau government has thus far refused to end her nightmare of limbo and grant her permanent resident status.  Credit: Brian Cornelius
Matthew Behrens | Every time Ottawa-based Syrian refugee Dima Siam sees Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying refugees are welcome in Canada, she says, "I feel as if someone despises me and slapped me on the face."
Photo:  bert knottenbeld/flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Anne Frank would be 87 years old had she not perished in a Nazi concentration camp. What words of wisdom might she offer the Trump administration as it crafts its latest iteration of its travel ban?
Humberto DaSilva | Trump calls it fake news. Hitler, the founding father of fake news, called it the big lie.
Rick Salutin | Tens of thousands of Jews migrated to Canada in the first part of the past century. That community, in Toronto, is described in a lovely, loving new book by the late Michael Mandel: The Jewish Hour.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | The number of people suffering forced displacement today is staggering -- the greatest flow of refugees since the Second World War. It is in this context that the UN convened its refugee summit.