Photo: flickr/Jim Linwood
Nick Fillmore | Given the seriousness of the crisis as it is now being described internationally, it is difficult to understand how Toronto's protests and climate talks were allowed to be so meaningless.
Judy Rebick | July 5, more than 10,000 people came together for jobs, justice, and the climate in Toronto, and The Globe and Mail did not even bother to cover it in their paper. Time to help #WIN2015.
Photo: Megan Devlin
Ella Bedard | Labour played a major role at Sunday's March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate. Here's what some labour activists had to say.
Photo: Jane Fonda and Melina Laboucan-Massimo (Photo by Megan Devlin)
Megan Devlin | Climate action. Green jobs. Justice for marginalized communities. Ten thousand people were joined by celebrities like Jane Fonda and David Suzuki to demand leaders work for climate justice.
Photo: flickr/MilanIlnyckyj
rabble staff | This weekend, Canadians are rallying for jobs, justice and the climate. Time was, you'd have to wait to see the photos and read the news about the protest. Nowadays, you can follow the action here.