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Laurell Ritchie | The NDP and Liberals have both promised to repeal the Conservatives' 2012 EI changes. Can they actually do it? And where do the other parties stand?
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Russell Diabo | Indigenous voters are watching the federal party platforms on Indigenous issues closely. No matter who wins, more action will be needed to safeguard Indigenous rights after the election is over.
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Emma Lui | This blog gives an overview of some key water issues, parties' positions and includes questions to ask local candidates.
Ole Hendrickson | With the economy, health and the environment so closely intertwined, Canadians want to know where the major parties stand on the environment. Ole Hendrickson looks at how party platforms stack up.
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Julia Smith | A report describes the continued disadvantaged position of women in Canada, and the government's failure to address women's rights. How are political parties promising to rectify gender inequality?