image: courtesy of Unifor
H.G. Watson | After months of organizing, today Unifor announced it has officially filed to be the certified bargaining agent of Toyota workers at plants in Cambridge and Woodstock, Ontario.
Photo: philippe leroyer/flickr
Karen Foster | Young workers: what's happening to you might be 'normal' in this economy -- the same basic one we've had for over a century, with some fun modifications -- but it sure as hell isn't right.
Activist Toolkit
| A civil rights and labour activist whose legacy lives on
Activist Toolkit
| The Black Panther Party was a revolutionary political group that formed in the United States in the late 1960s
Jim Stanford | I am still catching my breath from one of the wildest weeks in my life: all the events that culminated in the founding convention last weekend in Toronto of Unifor.
Jiselle Hanna and Piergiorgio Moro | Labour updates from the Asia Pacific region and an interview with Terisita Hadman from KMU Philippines about organizing conditions in Mindanao.
Lori Theresa Waller | The recent mass walkouts by fast food and retail workers in New York and Chicago made international headlines and ignited a lively discussion of alternative organizing forms.