Field of wheat bales. Image credit: Léon McGregor/Unsplash
Lois Ross | What do public pension funds have to do with Canadian agriculture? The answer to that question begins with the Prairie Wheat Pools that farmers formed back in the 1920s.
Person stands next to elderly person in a wheelchair outside in a field. Image credit: Dominik Lange/Unsplash
Lois Ross | What do for-profit long-term care homes such as Revera and land concentration have in common? Both are linked to Canadian pension fund investments, and you and I, albeit unwittingly, are part of it.
Farmland in Malahide, Ontario. Image: Peter Giesbrecht/Wikimedia Commons
Lois Ross | A century of ever-increasing farm size and land concentration is now leading us into a new era of speculation on farmland.
Photo: Jeff/flickr
Lois Ross | In the lead-up to this week's federal budget, the Centre for Policy Alternatives has published an important document chronicling what has been happening to land in one Prairie province.
Lois Ross | Land use, access to agricultural land, and who stewards land, are key issues in food production. Land-grabbing is a growing concern because it determines not only access but also how land is used.
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| A list of traditional territories upon which our major cities were built.
Redeye Collective | As investors buy up farms and manage them for short-term profit, the land and our food sovereignity are put at risk. A report by the National Farmers Union details the scale of the threat.