The Leap Manifesto | The Leap Manifesto toured across the country to hear from prominent climate activists, students, organizers and workers on how to build a Green New Deal.
ND lapel pin. Photo: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | Dear readers, do not fret. Before you cancel your donation to the Alberta NDP, check the date.
Photo: Ottawa2018NDP.ca
Karl Nerenberg | The NDP meets in Ottawa this week with its two provincial governments squabbling and the party searching for a mission and an identity.
Photo: leapmanifesto.org
Linda McQuaig | With key Sanders and Corbyn acolytes attending the Ottawa annual conference, there is a chance to get a jump on Trudeau when it comes to fossil fuel use
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| The earth needs us to act now!
Karl Nerenberg | Here are a half dozen, from a separatist leader quitting to Trudeau elbowing, with trade-skeptical Wallonians and leader-dumping NDP delegates in between. Plus pipelines, a senator, and more.
Rachel Notley
David J. Climenhaga | The Fort Mac Fire, pipelines, and leadership races were among the province's most significant stories this year.
Christopher Majka | Should Canadians be concerned that Bombardier has paid $2.46 billion to a shell company in Belize with no office or employees? Deregulated corporate capitalism breeds graft. There are alternatives.
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Doreen Nicoll | Aboriginal women and girls have been victims of large-scale femicide for the past 150 years.
Roger Annis | The Leap Manifesto is a very important initiative. Radical environmentalists have an important role to play in building on that vision.
Naomi Klein | We have a new federal government, a new tone around First Nations and the environment. But when it comes to concrete action on lowering emissions and respecting land rights, much remains the same.
Victoria Fenner | In our final installment of our podcasts from the World Social Forum, we look at the next steps for the LEAP Manifesto.