Leona Aglukkaq

Mar 31, 2015

Canada is the 'black sheep' of climate change, says NDP

Karl Nerenberg
March 31 was deadline day for countries that were ready to submit their greenhouse gas reductions to the United Nations. The United States, Mexico and the EU have stepped up. Where's Canada?
Feb 27, 2014

Who pays CBC panelist to shill for Keystone XL?

Karl Nerenberg
On CBC's The National, last week, the "At Issue" panel argued if Obama didn't accept the Keystone XL pipeline it was for "political reasons." But how do the panelists' day jobs affect their reasoning?
Jan 3, 2014
Photo: flickr/Howl Arts Collective

The Jackpine Mine expansion: Justified for whom?

Harrison Samphir
Who will the Jackpine Mine expansion justify in the end? Though 700-plus jobs may be created, are they enough to justify complete environmental degradation of Indigenous land?
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