Dmitri Lascaris in Caracas, Venezuela
Victoria Fenner | Canadian activist, journalist and lawyer Dimitri Lascaris was in Venezuela in February, talking to people with varying opinions about the causes of the current crisis. He talks about what he heard.
Canadian activists talk about the coup in Venezuela and some of the reasons our government is declaring it a righteous act.
Victoria Fenner | With Radhika Desai - Winnipeg-Venezuela Peace Committee, Nino Pagliccia - Vancouver based Venezuelan Canada and Humberto da Silva, member of the delegation which monitored May 2018's election.
2-15 Venezuela Colombia Migrant Crisis
Victoria Fenner | Steve Ellner, professor of economic history and political science in Venezuela talks to Michael Welch about the factors behind the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela that we’re not hearing.
Karl Nerenberg | Chrystia Freeland announced new sanctions against the Maduro government on Friday, likely motivated by a desire to keep the U.S. happy during NAFTA negotiations.