Toronto police and security personnel are seen through an orange fence during the eviction. Image: Rafi Aaron/Used with permission
Cathy Crowe | Toronto's mayor John Tory continues to defy international public health guidelines to not evict encampments and employ a human rights approach.
City workers, some in white hazmat suits ready to begin dismantling people's homes and load material into a white city truck. Image credit: Paul Salvatori/Used with Permission
Cathy Crowe | This week's militarized operation to evict two dozen people from a Toronto park shows the huge failure of Toronto City Council and its mayor to achieve the human right to housing.
City graph that shows June and July shelter numbers higher than the rest of the year. Graph: City of Toronto
Cathy Crowe | Homeless advocates and workers take on the city's communication director over misinformation.
Image: oaktree_brian_1976/Wikimedia Commons
Rick Salutin | Toronto's van attack tested all of us. And not everyone gets a passing grade.
OCAP action on February 12 at Toronto City Hall. Photo: Errol Young
Yogi Acharya | After a significant victory, advocates are ready to take the fight up a notch
John Cartwright, Maureen O'Reilly | Toronto needs new revenues -- to build subways and fix roads but also to increase social programs that prevent gun violence, increase access to child care and provide safe recreational opportunities.
Krystalline Kraus | For a week, it'd been cold enough to kill. And it has.