Jimmy Kimmel
Ed Finn | "If your baby doesn’t have to die, it shouldn't matter how much money you make," Jimmy Kimmel argued.
Refugee clinic
Redeye Collective | Government-sponsored refugees arriving in B.C. are taken to a special clinic for an initial health checkup. Privately sponsored refugees have to rely on their sponsors to find health care.
Joyce Arthur | A Christian doctors' group is throwing a tantrum over a new requirement that Ontario physicians must refer patients appropriately when they refuse to provide a health-care service.
Photo: flickr/ Lydia
Nikki Bozinoff, Ritika Goel, Marcella Jones, Faraz Vahid Shahid | Deepan Budlakoti is without health care due to his lack of citizenship and now joins the ranks of an estimated half a million people living in Canada without access to medical care.
Redeye Collective | Last June, the federal government drastically cut health-care coverage for refugee claimants in Canada. Since then doctors have been unable to help hundreds of patients with treatable conditions.