Mike Duffy

Dec 2, 2013
Image: flickr/urbanmixer

Is the Senate scandal Canada's Watergate?

Gerry Caplan
The Senate scandal is no longer about Mike Duffy, Nigel Wright or the future of the Senate. It's about Stephen Harper's integrity -- his credibility and trustworthiness.
Nov 26, 2013
Pierre Trudeau

He haunts us still: 'Welcome to the 1980s'

David J. Climenhaga
What if Canadians, for the moment at least, are just tired of rule by cranky old men? Stranger things have happened. Pot? Teflon, more like.
Nov 14, 2013
Nigel Wright photo portrait smiling

In defence of Nigel Wright

Geoff Stevens
PM's very private and highly regarded former Chief of Staff has friends who are rising to defend his reputation against the PM's allegations and blame-shifting.


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