Large crowd of protesters on the streets of Toronto. A red dress and Mohawk Warrior flag can be seen hoisted above the crowd. May 30, 2020, by Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall.
Karl Nerenberg | The murders of Indigenous children and women are the result of a colonial lust for riches on their lands.
Image: Colby Rex O'Neill
Maya Bhullar | On July 1, Idle No More and allies organized #CancelCanadaDay actions and a live broadcast to stop the annual celebration of stolen Indigenous land and stolen Indigenous lives.
Victoria Fenner | In case you missed it -- a replay of rabble's June 18 webinar from our "Off the Hill" series focusing on the federal role in justice reform.
rabble staff | In the latest episode of rabble's Off the Hill webinar series, panelists explore the need for justice reform in Canada.
Women drummers at a KAIROS blanket exercise in Ottawa, 2017. Image: Extremeline Productions
Chrystal Waban | Is the federal government's delay in delivering its response to the MMIWG report due to plans to infuse it into its pandemic recovery strategy? Recent government actions leave room for doubt.
Image: Marc Miller/Facebook
Pamela Palmater | The least Canada can do is step up and work with First Nations to implement a more fulsome response that is grounded in the human rights of First Nations.
Image: Justin Trudeau/Twitter
Jackie Hansen | Trudeau's lasting legacy must not be his desire to advance women's rights. His legacy must be that he truly succeeded in advancing women's rights and gender equality.
Image: Allan Lissner
Kate Klein | This week, keynote speakers at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) mining convention found themselves persistently drowned out by the sound of jackhammers.
Image: Unist'ot'en Camp/Twitter
David Suzuki | With actions spreading across the country, complaints about inconvenience and disruption are rife. But colonial society has been inconveniencing and disrupting Indigenous lives for hundreds of years.
Rita Wong. Image: PBI-Canada/Facebook
Brent Patterson | Before she was arrested, Rita Wong encouraged "more people to make the connections between violence against the land and violence against missing and murdered Indigenous women."
Figure 1 Members of REMA Mujeres and the From Relajo to Refusal Work Group at UNAM, Mexico City, June 12, 2019. Photo courtesy of Kate Klein.
Gabriela Jiménez | An ensemble of living and non-living beings is calling an alarm: America is a mass grave. América es una fosa común.
Closing ceremony of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Photo: Justin Trudeau/Twitter
Karl Nerenberg | The hullabaloo over the inquiry's use of the word genocide has obscured its broader message, and that is more than a pity. It is a tragedy.