Person holding sign with words "Justice for Tina and Colten". Photo: Memaxmarz/flickr
Maya Bhullar | Here are some organizations working to make systemic change and ensure justice for Tina Fontaine.
Photo: flickr/Stephen Harper
Karl Nerenberg | Mainstream media across the spectrum are nearly unanimous in describing the TRC report as heart-rending and moving. The less visible, but very real, current of white backlash tells a different story.
Photo: flickr/Ben Powless
Karl Nerenberg | The Truth and Reconciliation Commission reports on Tuesday June 2. There will be solemn promises of action. But Harper's high-handed approach to Indigenous needs should make Canadians skeptical.
Photo: flickr/ Neeta Lind
Natalie Robinson | The Truth and Reconciliation Commission's investigation into residential schools will end next week. Do Canadians now understand their complicity in First Nations' health and social challenges?