A drum circle at a Toronto 2020 protest for Indigenous sovereignty. Image credit: Jason Hargrove/Flickr
David Suzuki | Ultimately, Land Back is about confronting colonial abuses and charting a new path. But it holds different meanings for different people.
Lake view in Jasper National Park. Image credit: Pavel Brodsky/Unsplash
David Suzuki | It's our responsibility to engage in conversations about how new systems of land governance could look. Everything should be on the table including ownership and governance of current protected areas.
Photo credit: Jessica Pond/Jessica Saulnier- Breen
Karl Nerenberg | While most political leaders, excluding Elizabeth May, do not want to address the connection between the Fort McMurray fires and climate change, it doesn't seem to matter to environmentalists... yet.
Scott Neigh | Sean Howard and Sandra Barr talk about the struggle to protect Green Cove on Cape Breton Island from the proposed Mother Canada monument.
Image: Flickr/Ecstaticist
Elizabeth May | We need to be paying more attention to the Harper Conservatives' effort to undermine the integrity of our national park system.