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David Peck | Many people know about Marcel Marceau's life as a mime artist, but not about his life in the Second World War resistance movement. Director Jonathan Jakubowicz talks about his new film "Resistance."
Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Murray Dobbin | Chrystia Freeland's well-documented hostility towards Russia raises questions about her suitability for the foreign affairs post. Are we risking a Freeland blunder in a situation that requires nuance?
Sean Spicer
Nora Loreto | Sean Spicer reveals a lot about how Trump's team speaks to its base, and promotes their racist agenda.
Chrystia Freeland
David J. Climenhaga | The fact the Foreign Affairs Minister tried to pass off her grandfather's history, which we now know to be true, as Russian disinformation should concern us all.
Michael Laxer | Protesters shut down a Trump rally in Chicago on Friday, proving that Trump will sooner be stopped by mass resistance and anger than by media elites or other Republican candidates.