Book Review
Jun 25, 2020
Drummers at a Black Lives Matter sit-in in Toronto, June 2020. Image: Jason Hargrove/Flickr

Organizing beyond the state in a state of sickness

Graeme Pente
In a new collection of wide-ranging essays, Between the Lines offers a timely portrait of the world COVID-19 is still in the process of revealing and, perhaps, unmaking.
Jun 11, 2020
Image: Dirk Loop/Flickr

What's the future of food?

Meg Borthwick
A new book, "Uncertain Harvest," explores what needs to change about our global food system to fight climate change and feed everyone on the planet.
Book Review
Jun 4, 2020
The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (BP Miller/Unsplash)

The Olympics aren't inevitable

Michael Nicholas
Jules Boykoff, a prolific critic of the Olympic games, convincingly demonstrates that zeroing in on anti-Olympics organizing can help us understand how local movements interact with global issues.
Book Review
May 21, 2020
Image: Boden Deplaedt/Unsplash

Why big tech won't solve our transit woes

Malcolm Araos
In his new book, James Wilt makes a convincing case for why public transit options better serve the most marginalized members of our society at a lower cost.


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