Céline Hervieux-Payette
David J. Climenhaga | We can persuade the government of Canada to introduce sensible restrictions on gun ownership because Canadians who favour such laws vastly outnumber the country's noisy gun lobby.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | The largest massacre in Australia's post-colonial history so shocked the nation that within 12 days, comprehensive gun-control law was brought in. There has not been another mass shooting since.
Photo: flickr/Michael Vadon
Karl Nerenberg | When Donald Trump says Muslims are the enemy, not too-accessible automatic weapons, he may sound unhinged to many. But his rhetoric resonates with millions of Americans.
Image: Stonewall riots, New York, 1969
Nora Loreto | Queer bodies cannot be free when state security apparatuses are militarized.
Meghan Murphy | In this episode, Meghan Murphy speaks with lesbian feminist journalist, Julie Bindel, about the mass shooting in Orlando and why anti-gay bigotry still exists today.
Image: Twitter/@MarcJacobs
Matthew Hays | The long line of anti-LGBT violence in culture and policies enacted in the United States, twinned with its dangerous gun culture made the massacre at Pulse inevitable.
One Voice Chorus in concert
Penney Kome | As we gathered for the post-service concert, our music director told us the body count. "All we can do is sing," she said.