The Isle of Shady, a pop-up tax haven set up by the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign. Photo: Enough Food IF/flickr
Murray Dobbin | The revelations of the Paradise Papers and the earlier Panama Papers demonstrate just one dimension, tax evasion, of an obvious truth: corporations have become the greatest threat to the planet.
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Tax evasion graphic. Image: Mark Hatot/flickr
Brent Patterson | The Council of Canadians calls for tax justice following Paradise Papers investigation.
Christopher Majka | Should Canadians be concerned that Bombardier has paid $2.46 billion to a shell company in Belize with no office or employees? Deregulated corporate capitalism breeds graft. There are alternatives.
Yves Engler | Built with public subsidies, a Montreal firm can shift its head office to a tax haven and its workforce abroad, but Ottawa will continue to advance its reactionary international interests.
Linda McQuaig | Recent scandals with KPMG and the Panama Papers leaks reveal Canada Revenue's standard kid-glove treatment for the wealthy and powerful.
Image: Flickr/SF Brit
Alex Hemingway | Investment in the public sphere is needed more than ever. Yet many citizens are understandably skeptical about supporting a tax system that lets the wealthiest off the hook for their fair share.
Humberto DaSilva | It's the battle of the taxes! While the rich avoid taxes and stash millions off shore, the rest of us are wondering what gives and what can we do?
Monia Mazigh | Financial opacity isn't just a disease attacking Russia, China or the Gulf monarchies; it is a global reality. As shown by the Panama Papers leak, even Canada isn't immune from this virus.
Wayne MacPhail | One of the most fascinating aspects of the Panama Papers investigation is the technology involved, from electronic transfers and databases to encrypted communications.
Rules Are For The Poor… Suckers!
Daryn Caister | The Panama Papers scandal is all over the news, but what are the implications for the environment, and possibly more importantly why does no one seem surprised?