Apr 8, 2015

Day One of Mike Duffy trial is bad news for Harper

Karl Nerenberg
On the first day of the trial of Senator Mike Duffy the prosecution said Duffy probably did not qualify to sit in the Senate, while the defence said the PMO orchestrated everything Duffy did and said.
Apr 7, 2015
Photo: wikimedia commons

What we can learn, even now, from the Mike Duffy trial

Karl Nerenberg
Senator Mike Duffy's trial starts today, April 7, and will have its full share of drama and revelation. Even at this early stage, however, there are lessons we can glean from the whole affair.
Jan 20, 2014
Justice Marc Nadon, nominated to the Supreme Court of Canada

Harper should withdraw Marc Nadon's nomination

Geoff Stevens
The single-minded PMO lacks ability to see around corners and anticipate the consequences of partisan appointments. Diminishing the importance of the Charter is important to the Harper government.


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